In the Whole Cloth Quilty Pillow class...

You'll get a PDF copy of the pattern and we'll walk through together how to create these simple, but lovely pillows. Wholecloth Quilty pillow class is self paced and here for you when you need it. There's no timeframe or schedule. Come and go as you please!

  • I'll show you how to quilt grids on a domestic sewing machine. We'll go over different techniques and ways to get multiple looks.

  • Because of the simplicity of the pillow, we'll add an extra touch by chunky hand binding. You'll love how much this adds to the overall look of your pillow.

  • These pillows are simple "get it done in a weekend" type of project. Perfect for sprucing up a room in your home and gift giving. The pattern comes with multiple sizes of pillows and a formula for creating your own.

A chat about the class

In this class we walk through every step of making pillows together!

Course curriculum

    1. About this class

    2. Hello & Welcome (and supply list)

    3. DOWNLOAD the Wholecloth Quilty Pillow Pattern

    4. Overview of the Pattern

    1. Preparing Fabrics

    2. Cutting Demo

    3. Batting Together Tutorial (to use up smaller batting scraps)

    1. Layering the Pillow Top

    2. Basting the Pillow Top

    1. Quilting a Grid Chat

    2. How to mark your pillow top for grid quilting

    3. Using a Walking Foot (if you have one)

    4. A Look at a Walking Foot Guide

    5. Demo Quilting after you've "marked" your pillow

    6. Demo Quilting a Grid

    7. Demo Quilting a Diagonal Grid

    1. Squaring up the Pillow Top

    2. Making the Backing Pieces

    3. Sewing Pillow Top to Backing

    1. Choosing + Cutting Fabric for Binding

    2. Making the Binding

    3. Sewing the Binding to the Pillow

    4. Finishing the Binding

About this course

  • $29.00
  • 24 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content


  • Do I have to show up at a certain time?

    No. This is a self paced class. Come as you are and when you want.

  • Are classes refundable?

    No, sorry. Classes are digital items and are not refundable for any reason.