In the Inner Beauty quilt top class...

We will walk through making the whole quilt top together. A PDF version of this pattern is included, along with a coupon for kits or fabrics. Inner Beauty quilt class is self paced and here for you when you need it. Come and go as you please! You'll always be able to pop into this class when you are ready.

  • We start with planning fabrics. I show you different mock ups and see how lightening and darkening certain parts of the quilt changes the look.

  • This quilt pattern uses the technique of strip piecing almost throughout. I'll walk you through cutting all your fabrics and how to strip piece efficiently.

  • All piecing is covered in this class. We'll work through each block and section together. I'll show you how to speed up your process and best practices for a precisely pieced quilt.

A Chat about the Inner Beauty Quilt Top class

In this class we walk through every step of making this top together!

Course curriculum

  1. 1
  2. 2
    • Tips for fabric placement and a look at some mock ups

  3. 3
    • Preparing Fabrics

    • How to Use the Stripology Ruler

    • Cutting Fabric A

    • Cutting Fabric B

    • Cutting Fabric C

    • Cutting Fabric D

    • Cutting Fabric E

    • Cutting Fabric F

    • Cutting Fabric G

    • Cutting Fabric H

    • Cutting Fabric I

    • Cutting Fabric J

    • Cutting Fabric K

    • Cutting Fabric L

    • Organizing All the Fabric

  4. 4
    • Gathering the Pieces

    • Center 9-patch

    • Partial 9-patches

    • Organizing 9-patch strips + preparing to sew them

    • Sewing strips for 9-patches

    • Pressing + Cutting the 9-patch strips

    • Assembling the 9-patch blocks

    • Check in

  5. 5
    • Gathering the Pieces

    • Flying Geese Prepwork

    • Using Washi Tape as a guide

    • Making Flying Geese

    • Troubleshooting Flying Geese

    • Assembling the Sawtooth Stars

  6. 6
    • Quarter Log Cabin Block Assembly

    • Check in

  7. 7
    • Assembling the Rail Fence blocks

    • Check In

  8. 8
    • Check In

    • Block Assembly

  9. 9
    • Organizing Quadrants

    • Sewing Quadrant 1

    • Sewing the rest of the quadrants

    • Columns and middle row

    • Quilt Assembly

  10. 10
    • All done

    • Coupon

Let's make Inner Beauty together!

You'll be able to make this quilt without getting stumped along the way!