In the Finish It class...

We are going to learn a series of skills and multiple methods of accomplishing the same tasks.

  • We start with BASTING. Nobody wants to do it, but it's necessary! ;) I'm going to show you two different methods for basting: Pin basting vs Spray basting. This includes a full demo of wall basting. You'll also learn how to square up your quilt!

  • We are going heavy into learning how to quilt in this class. We start with straight line quilting and finish with free motion quilting. Both of these styles are covered fully with multiple demos and lots of different styles.

  • And finally BINDING. I'm doing demos of three different binding methods: machine, chunky stitch and traditional. You'll walk away with all the skills you need for any of these styles.

A Chat About the Finish It Class

This class will take you from quilt top to finished quilt!

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • About

    • About The Supplies Chat

    • Supply List - Everything I used in the videos of this class

    • A coupon

  2. 2
    • Chat About Basting

    • Pin Basting Demo

    • Spray Basting Basics Demo

    • Wall Basting Demo

  3. 3
    • Chat About Quilting

  4. 4
    • Setting up your machine for straight line quilting

    • Straight Line Quilting Demo - Wavy Organic Lines

    • Straight Line Quilting Demo - Using the Quilt as your guide

    • Straight Line Quilting Demo - The Grid + Stitching in the Ditch

  5. 5
    • Setting up your machine for free motion quilting

    • Gloves, Gliders + Thread

    • Posture

    • How to Start + Securing Your Stitches

    • Free Motion Quilting - Basics + the Meander Demo

    • Free Motion Quilting - Basics with Swirls + Loopies

    • Free Motion Quilting - Elongated Curls + Succulents + Leaves + Combining Designs

    • Free Motion Quilting - Feathers

    • All Over Quilting vs Custom Quilting

    • Practice for Attic Window Quilt

    • Free Motion Quilting - All Over Design on the Attic Window Quilt

    • Free Motion Quilting - A Chat about Quilting with a ruler

    • Free Motion Quilting - Differing Foreground + Background with a Ruler on the Sassy Granny Quilt

  6. 6
    • Squaring Up

  7. 7
    • Quick Chat About Why to Label

    • How to Label Your Quilt

  8. 8
    • Chat about Binding

    • Making Binding Demo

    • Sewing Binding To Your Quilt Demo

  9. 9
    • Chat About Machine Binding

    • Machine Binding Demo

  10. 10
    • Chat About Chunky Stitch Binding

    • Chunky Stitching Binding Demo

  11. 11
    • Chat About Traditional Hand Binding

    • Traditional Hand Binding Demo

  12. 12
    • Final Chat

    • Coupon

Let's learn how to finish quilts togther...

You'll never NEED to send off or have another to finish your quilt for you.